How M-Evo Works

Project M-Evo brings the most customizable laptop the world has ever seen. M-Evo satnds for Multifarious Evolution. M-Evo is highly recommended for those who know what they want and to build a laptop that best fits their needs.

They hook into the laptop at their designated slots. The blocks do not look like what normal components look like in a desktop. You can imagine the the components looking like CPU's. They are like boxes and have pins that connect to other components such as the motherboared.

CPU pins

Everything connects to the Shell which is the first building block to start with. For now there is only one size to choose from. With futher development there will different size Shells to choose from.

One component that is not listed on the site currently is the screen. The screen will fit the size of the shell and customer can choose the resolution size of the screen.

Its not hard to create your own personal laptop. It's just like building a desktop computer but it is a laptop.

Much research and development has been made inorder for consumers to build safely. As in they will not ruin the cumputer if something is plugged in backwards